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Professional Dog Training and Behavioral Services in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey, since 1992

Champion K-9 is a certified dog training and behavioral service that uses a wide range of techniques to help puppies and dogs develop their full potential as loving companions. We stress owner education because that is the key to success with your dog or puppy. The more you know, the better the results.
Most training services and classes fail to connect the concept of developing a well adjusted, and well behaved, pet to their training. Champion K-9 specializes in an overall approach to help develop the pet you always wanted.
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Whether you have a new 8 week old puppy, a newly adopted older pet, or an older pet with some ongoing behavior issues, we can help make sure that you avoid problems and have control of your companion, or alleviate long term behavior issues.

We are now in our 23rd year of helping dogs and their owners.

A one-on-one customized approach

We specialize in strictly private one-on-one training programs with your dog and you, the owner, in order to achieve optimum results in obedience and promoting good behaviors.

All dogs are different. Private training allows for a customized approach to each dog, its owner and family, and its living situation.

Even if you have gone to group lessons or other training services and are still experiencing problems we can help.

Champion K-9 receives inquiries every week from people who attended group sessions, or used other training services, only to still be dragged down the street, still have nipping / biting issues, jumping, destructive behaviors, and other problems.

Our services include:

  • Champion K-9 gets results where others fail. Many of our clients have previously used other training services only to find their dogs did not listen to them when it was most needed. Our private instruction is tailored to achieving real life results that are useful and necessary for your dog's safety
  • Puppy Training: 8 weeks and up. Getting off to a good start: Housebreaking, chewing, nipping, come when called, teaching the name, introduction to commands, use of the crate, children and puppies, socializing--preventing fears and aggressive behaviors, etc.. For those thinking about this we would highly recommend puppy training, it can prevent long term problems and is a valuable education for the experienced and inexperienced owner
  • Behavior Modification: ALL AGGRESSION ISSUES (guarding objects / food, towards strangers, at the home, towards other dogs and animals, on or off property specific aggression), obsessive-compulsive behaviors, fears, destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, general unruly behaviors such as jumping, hyperactivity, food or object theft off counters and tables, etc.
*** Behavior modification requires advanced skills and education in animal behavior and modification techniques.

*** Not all training services are equipped to handle such problems. Champion K-9 is often called in to help with dogs that have previously been considered beyond help.

Champion K-9 has been retained by a number of Monmouth County veterinarians to help with their own dogs behavioral issues and obedience training.

  • Therapy Dog training and preparation.
  • Handicapped Assistance Dog training
  • Search and Rescue preparation
  • Personal / Home protection
Please go to our SERVICES page for more details on these programs.

Every dog is an individual and every home, family, and situation is unique. Our goal is to give the owner and their pet a complete education that results in the pet and companion they always wanted.

Recognition: Asbury Park Press Readers Choice (2010), (2011) , 2012, 2013, 2014


Your Assurance

Champion K-9's certifications and professional associations assure our clients that the training we conduct, and the information our clients receive, is humane, ethical, and in the best interests of both owner and pet. All personnel operate under the guidelines of these certifications and the code of ethics and conduct of each professional association.
Experience : Champion K-9 has been operating and helping people and their pets for 22 years.

Professional Association Member


Our Dog Training Services Include:

  • Puppy Training ( 8 weeks & up )
  • Obedience - Basic and Advanced
  • Behavior Modification

Our History

Champion K-9 has trained more than 4,000 dogs over a 22-year period. Since we are certified, we have the skills to handle your dog and its needs. Over the years we have developed unique programs and approaches to problems that allow us to achieve the best results. Dogs who have been branded as "hopeless" by other trainers have been given a new chance for success by our customized approach as well as our behavioral techniques. Along the way we have made many new friends, both two and four legged.
Some of the Veterinary Hospitals currently referring to Champion K9 are:

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Little Silver Animal Hospital, Allenwood Animal Hospital, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, 4 Paws Animal Hospital, Atlantic Highlands Veterinary Hospital, Brick Town Veterinary Hospital, Colonial Animal Hospital, Squan Animal Hospital, Neptune Animal Hospital, Berg Animal Hospital.
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Thank You

We are proud of the fact that more than 80% of our business comes to us by direct referrals from veterinarians, animal care professionals, and previous clients. Many of our clients return to us with their second and even third pet. To learn more about our clients' satisfaction, read their testimonials.

Contact us today in Ocean Township, NJ to speak with our professional dog trainer to see what he can do for you.