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Dog & Puppy Training, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Improve your pet's overall behavior with dog and puppy training from our staff in Ocean Township, New Jersey. At Champion K-9, we customize your pet's training to address its specific behavior problems.

All Breeds/All Ages

  • Puppy Training ( 8 weeks & up ): A critical time period to get a head start and to prevent future problems. Our unique program for young puppies, and their new owners, lays the foundation for many happy years with your new pet. Subjects covered include; Housebreaking, proper care, correct forms of discipline necessary to teach rules, the use of praise and affection as a teaching tool, and much, much, more. Of all our services, this may be the most valuable. Puppy training with Champion K-9 can avoid serious problems that later need to be addressed. Families with children and first time dog owners will find that this service is invaluable in getting off to a good start with your new best friend. 
  • ( Please be aware that you should not take your 8-11 week old puppy to a public "class". Your puppy has not been fully innoculated and runs the risk of contracting a serious illness at such a "class". Champion K-9 offers private puppy sessions at your home so that you do not miss this critical time period in teaching your puppy AND you do not have to worry about any contagion risk to your puppy. Please consult your veterinarian about when your puppy is fully inoculated. )

  • Obedience Training: Basic and Advanced off-leash. This is not just a typical program of the standard commands. This is an educational experience for you and the entire family, which you will all enjoy as you see the steady progress your pet makes in a relatively short period of time.
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  • Basic Obedience: Up to 9 private sessions. Basic commands: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come. The course is comprehensive. It will also address common problems such as jumping on people, destructive chewing, unruly behavior in public. Our basic philosophy is, that if your dog will not sit calmly when people enter the house, or Stay where you put them for their own safety, then the training in not useful in real life. Our Basic course achieves more than most advanced courses with other training services
  • Short Course Obedience:  Five private sessions.  This is an abbreviated course that is entirely customized to deal with the owner's concerns. It can be used to deal with both behavior issues as well as establishing basic commands.  It is not as extensive as the 'Basic' course but it offers the owner valuable basics in control, setting rules, and teaching commands. It can be extended into the full 'Basic' course, and many who choose the short course intitially opt to continue as a 'Basic' course.

  • Advanced Obedience: These courses take the dog to another level of training. Advanced obedience includes the use of hand signals and working at distances from the dog. We also increase the level of difficulty ( ie. locations and distractions) in order to fine tune your dog's performance.

  • All Breeds: Small and Large. We at Champion K-9 adjust the training to each dog. We work with the smallest toy breeds as well as the largest working dogs.
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  • All Ages: Adults and Puppies. Until the onset of old age, there is no such thing as a dog being "too old" to train. We routinely work with dogs 2 to 5 years of age. Some with long term behavioral issues.

  • Behavior Problems: Housebreaking, nipping, jumping, destructive chewing, stealing and guarding food, excessive barking, bolting out the door, aggressive behavior, fearful behaviors, separation anxiety, etc..

  • Behavior Modification / Problem Solving Session: Champion K-9 offers the unique service of a single session for solving common behavioral issues. We have been highly successful in achieving excellent results for such issues as, Housebreaking (even in older dogs), territorial marking in the home, Separation Anxiety, inter-dog aggression in a multi-dog household, general bad behaviors such as jumping on kitchen counters and tables, destructive behaviors. This session is approximately 2 hours long and, after taking a detailed history, we give the owners very specific advice on alleviating the problems. As with all our services, there are detailed printed notes given to owners.
  • Champion K-9 also works extensively with serious behavioral issues such as aggression directed at humans and/or other dogs. Many of these cases are direct referral from local veterinarians.

  • Personal & Home Protection: This is a highly discretionary service for people who have a true need for such security. Our training in this discipline produces only a dog trained to protect fearlessly under full control of the owner and NOT an aggressive dog.

  • Tracking & Retrieving: A fully customized program designed to prepare a candidate for search and rescue work. Several dogs prepared by Champion K-9 have been and are being used as certified Search and Rescue dogs.

  • Puppy Temperament Testing: A series of tests designed to determine the dominance and working ability of pups prior to leaving their mother. This is a useful service for breeders as well as for prospective owners who want to make the best choice possible of a new companion.

  • Private In-Home Service; Highly flexible days and hours for appointments at your convenience. Champion K-9 specializes in strictly private training. Your dog will probably spend 90% of its time in the home, and the home is where you need your dog to understand the rules of the house. Dogs are also known to animal behaviorists as "area specific learners". That is, they view the area where the majority of the training takes place as the area they are to perform at their optimum level. In-home service allows us to see exactly how the family interacts with the dog and make the best recommendations. We routinely see many clients who have already attended group sessions, only to see that the results were poor. There are several reasons for this. One is that your dog needs as few distractions as possible in order to initially learn what it is we (and you) are trying to teach. Distractions should only be added into the training after your dog has learned the meanings of the commands. Another reason is time available to the trainer to work with each owner. Obviously this is very limited in any group session.

  • Lifetime Follow-up: We at Champion K-9 do not consider our relationship with our clients to be only for the length of the training course. We know that your dog is a long term commitment on your part, and a loved and valuable member of your family. Therefore, we maintain an open policy of lifetime consultation on any and all issues that may arise with your dog.

For more information about our programs and services, please call us at (732) 775-8083.